Nile Cruises Day Tours The Temple of Philae

Discover Egypt in the very best way possible by joining the Nile River Cruises. Get to see the greatest of what this wonderful and historical country has to provide by experiencing tours on the MS Sheharazad Luxury Nile Cruise . The Nile River Cruises are all luxury and deluxe ships touring across the greatest sites of the long and winding Nile.

From Luxor to Aswan you can take pleasure in some of the most wonderful attractions along the way. The MS Sabena Al Kahila Deluxe Nile Cruise is one of the greatest cruises that provides the tours to these sites. Not only will you get to experience the best of the Nile but you will be pampered to the sites but also a traditional service and amenities.

At the southern tip of Egypt is the city of Aswan, home to many sights such as the Philae Temple on the Agilika Island. This temple is one of the most important Nubian temples recovered soon after the rising waters of the man-made Lake Nasser.

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis, the goddess of motherhood, fertility and magic. She was the god mother of the powerful and famed Hathor one of the most famed gods in Egyptian mythology.

It was called the Philae Temple because it was originally located on the Philae Island inside the spot of the lake. After the development of the Aswan High Dam, this temple was one of the Nubian Monuments Movement by the Egyptian Authorities as well as the international agency UNESCO.

Today tourists can enjoy the Philae Temple and all the relics and reliefs within by going to the Agilika Island in Aswan. Most cruises like the MS Grand Princess Nile Luxury River Boat , journey to the city of Aswan with day tours to the sites in the city including the Philae Temple.

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