Trips to Egypt and Jordan – How to Make the Trip Extra Special

Egypt Jordan tours are definitely one of the best picks that you can get when traveling to Egypt. You will be able to tour to northern Africa as well as in a country in the Middle East. You will have the chance to visit two countries at the same time without dealing with cross country problems. You will definitely not bargain for lesser than this if you would like a long and extensive vacation.

Egypt Jordan Tours are perfect opportunities to get to know new places and experience different sites. These have their positive and some negative sides. However, the experience you are going to take home with you is one that you will not get anywhere. Like any other Egypt vacations, you will have the chance to choose whether you would make an Egypt Jordan tour luxurious or budgeted, done in ten days or up to twelve days.

If you want to have a luxurious Egypt Jordan tour where you will not have to travel on land much, you can opt to go for a 12 day- Nile River Cruise Holiday. You will be able to visit the major tourist destinations in Egypt, on a luxury cruise along the Nile River. Enjoy the luxury of the great sites in your background as you enjoy a great afternoon eating meals or sunbathing. You will also have the chance to get up close and personal with these tourist destinations without having to worry about your things since you will be traveling with your hotel accommodation. Jordan representatives will take care of you after you arrive in Jordan on the eight day. They will make sure that all you need will be provided for. Here you will be able to see the biblical sites such as Mount Nebo and the city of Petra as well as having the time of your life floating in the Dead Sea. This is on Egypt and Jordan tour that you will never regret and forget.

There is also the Egypt Jordan Luxury tour that can be done for ten days. The first five days of your trip will be dedicated to see sites in Egypt and the others are meant for exploring Jordan. This will give you enough opportunity to get to know both areas. You will be able to enjoy a felucca ride, various flights from one place to another while being escorted by buddies that would carry your luggage around.Egypt Jordan tours are about being worry free. There are guides that will assist you should you need to say something in the Egyptian language or you want to be understood by the locals.


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