Best of Nile Cruises: Enjoying the Southern Sites

Egypt is home to many points of interest, several of which are made during the earliest parts of its civilization. The lower side part of Egypt from the historic city of Thebes to the engineering wonders of Aswan includes some of the most amazing historical wonders. The best way to enjoy these sites is by joining a Egypt’s Nile lxdeluxe cruise like the MS Nile Dolphin Luxury Ship or the MS Sabena Al Jamila Luxury Cruiser


Most cruises journey from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. Relying on how long your journey is set; you will be savoring a number of stopovers along the way.  These consist of all the most exciting places along the way.


Start the cruise from the city of Luxor, what used to be an historical capital during the Middle Kingdom. Here you can experience both the west and the east side of the Nile River. Appreciate places such as the huge Valley of the Kings, its counterpart the Valley of the Queens and finally the Temple of Hatshepsut. From there also get to pay a visit to the major temples in Egypt, like the Temple of Karnak and Luxor.


Furthermore the attractions between these two main cities are also fascinating in their own way. See the renowned twin temple in Kom Ombo then the massive complex of temples in Edfu. Finally encounter the city of Aswan home to historical and modern engineering.


By joining a Nile River luxury cruise ship like the MS Sonesta Star Goddess Deluxe Nile Cruiser you can be sure to have the most detailedtravel of the best sites in Egypt. Moreover, aside from the day travels, you are provided with only the 5 star facilities and services that only these cruises can provide. Find out about the historic country of Egypt in the most mesmerizing way, by joining cruise tours in its most important river.

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