Can’t even talk with the people in Rio de Janeiro hotels?

Mastering Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro is a way to experience Brazil on a much deeper level. Though a time consuming process, it is actually a step past what a regular visitor might take if they are merely on holiday to view the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Without doubt, it is a signal that this means something to you way more than basically a vacation. This is a long term commitment.

So after you travel to Rio de Janeiro, how might one go about learning Portuguese? Certainly, you need to resolve your living arrangements. It could get quite on the expensive side staying in hotels for the length of stay that it will require to learn the local language, so you might take into account rentals such as apartments or flats. These probably will present some more affordable accommodations. Also, if price is key, you might consider looking for rentals outside of Copacabana and Ipanema, since these pieces of real estate tend to be more expensive.

So now that’s handled, whether you’ve decided to stay in apartments, flats, hotels or someone’s couch, the query still remains. How should you set about learning Portuguese? Well, to begin with, you are probably going to need some books. Also, television can actually be a practical tool. Beyond this, you’re in luck, because every Brazilian is an amateur Portuguese instructor. Though, this is said as kind of a joke, it really isn’t. The society in Rio de Janeiro is welcoming and outgoing. People will be more than happy to teach you phrases in Portuguese and actually will enjoy the effort that you make.

Another choice that a serious pupil should consider is actually entering a formal education and learning on the subject matter. Again, solutions exist for this. It is possible to find group classes as well as private instructors who can make accommodations for you. Language schools are flourishing businesses in Rio, so you shouldn’t have to look very far. Also, it is possible for private tutors to come to your home whether you’re residing in hotels or apartments. This is a common practice in Rio.

Certainly with anything, what you get out will be equal to what you put in. A self-disciplined student is obviously going to learn at a much faster rate than those who are not. But the tools are there if you are seriously looking to experience Brazil on a much deeper level and be able to speak the language of the country.

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