The Natuna islands

The major groups of iss are Anambas to the west, Natuna, south Natuna and Tambelan. ref: Bali Elite Villas Not one of the iss has much amenities for travelers, but that is an exceptional destination if you enjoy to investigate areas outside the major “tourist highway”. One of the biggest normal gas areas in the world has been identified right here, The Natuna gas subject in the North and To the south Natuna archipelago is believed to possess 222 trillion cubic feet of normal gas in reserve, 46 trillion of that can be recovered. In the future the Natuna Natural Gas Undertaking should be quite vital for Indonesia’s economy. We can only wish which the oil and gas marketplace will not possess too adverse effects for the atmosphere here.

Natuna Besar (or Ranai) is the largest and northernmost of the islands and additionally one of the northernmost points in Indonesia. Here you can find beautiful corral reefs and a vast wide variety of fish. The population are reasonably little, but some people have been transferred right here by the government from other iss in Indonesia and grow products enjoy peanuts and peas. Gunung Ranai, the highest mountain in the Natuna archipelago at 1.035 m, is located on it island. There are some good areas for diving here, the sea of the To the south India Sea around the is can provide an unique underwater industry, the coral is generally located within five to ten meters beneath sea stage and 50 to 750 meters from the shore. Smaller islands like Senoa to the northeast can additionally offer white colored seashores and coral reefs, Panjang to the northwest is known for the protected inexperienced turtle, and can be attained by vessel from Natuna Besar in 30 minutes. ref: Bali Villas Entirely there are regarding 20 small islands surrounding Natuna Besar.

The principal island can be reached by boat from Jakarta, a three day journey, by boat (Pelni) from Tanjung Pinang on Bintan, or by air from Batam. Natuna Besar has an airport with regular arrivals of more compact airplanes.

Located between Natuna Besar and the Kalimantan mainland, the major iss right here are Serasan, Panjang and Subi. The islands has a durable search and spectacular scenery.

The southernmost group of islands are Tambelan, east of Kalimantan. These can be attained by boat from Pontianak (about 6 hrs) or from Tanjung Pinang (regarding 16 hours). Turtles are possibly far more common than individuals here, and the iss possess quite a few of beaches to supply the occasional tourist. This may possess been the first Dutch territory occupied by the Japoneses for the duration of WW2, but it is more possible Anambas who first were went to by Japoneses soldiers. ref: Villas in Bali

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