What to Expect when in the Valley of the Kings

In the tradition of wonderful historic tours, Egypt tours again brings tourists a one of a kindjourney just like tours to the popular city of Luxor. Here it’s most famed sights consist of the renowned Karnak Temple recognized to be the biggest temple complex in Egypt. Also located in the same city are other important landmarks such as the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Kings.

The Valley of the Kings is a known necropolis of many wonderful and powerful pharaohs during the middle kingdom. This burial ground was used for more than 400 years during the govern of the mighty in the 16th until the 11th century BC.

It is a significant change from the practice of burying royals in massive constructions such as the pyramids. There is no conclusive proof as to what finally led to this burial changes nevertheless a lot of Egyptologist and historians conclude that it is for security motives. It has been observed by the succeeding dynasties and pharaohs that those who were buried within pyramids are subject to looting and robbery. Not only are their tombs robbed of valuable and pricey things but their corpses were also disrespected. Using rock cut tombs in a massive necropolis close by the capital will eradicate the hazard of having robbers seize their valuables.

It is the powerful Thutmosis I who initially tailored this burial practice though it is his predecessor Amenhotep I, who first built and started out the building of the Valley. It is in its completion with two divisions found on the western part housing the tombs of Amenhotep III and Ay, another portion is the eastern part consisting of about 63 tombs with more than 120 chambers.

These tombs differ in size and centerpieces, it is through the modern times of excavation that many of these arrangements and relics where recovered. The treasures of Tutankhamen were recovered in this area in the 1920s.

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