Cairo’s Hanging Church

Egypt tours can be one of the most enjoyable andmemorable vacations that any person can ever enjoy. With the continual promotion of its tourism industry, there are a lot of things that tourist can now enjoy when in Egypt.


One of the things that everytourist to this region should try out is the Cairo tour where they can immerse in both thehistorical and contemporary day Egypt. Here travelers can enjoy a great deal of points of interest both from the old days to the up to date designs of the recent years. When in Cairo, don’t miss a chance to see the Hanging Church is which the capital’s most famed Coptic Christian church. This church is also famously known as the Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church one of the most ancient churches in Cairo.


It is built around 3rd or 4th AD and named as the Hanging Church because of its exceptional location just right above the gatehouse of the Fortress of Babylon. Many Christians are also fond of calling this church as the “Staircase Church” since guests to this church will need to climb 29 steps. The reason for this is that because the region around the churchregularly rises. Today it is about 6 meters large from the time when the Roman conquerors were in Egypt.


Historians believe that the church was developed to have been a basilica. Thus there are obvious designs of being a basilica type. This church was renovated and restored by the famous Pope Abraham. During the 11th century the Hanging Church became a impressive temple as it became the Christian Coptic Religion’s seat of power. This was later moved to Cairo after Arabs raided the region continuously.


Currently the Hanging Church in Cairo is a favorite destination not just because of its location being in the vicinity of the Pyramids in Giza as well as other attractions in Cairo. It is also because it has a great background as well as a number of relics within the church.




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