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Meetings and incentive cruise vouchers will be a breeze for planners, they will find it easy to capitalize on the more tangible financial attractions of modern-day Mexico, namely its location as a Latin American gateway, affordable resources, and increasingly competitive open market conditions. The mere mention of Mexico means business and opportunities and it has become a synonym for success in the global economy. There’s an added bonus: Mexico’s status as a favored tax country much like Canada’s allows for even greater value for your meeting dollar. Big, bold, beautiful and right on the doorstep, Mexico is just what planners are looking for in a travel reward destination.

If location means everything, then this is it: a shared border with the American southwest and major international airports in the hottest destinations mean travel isn’t only short, but comfortable and hassle-free. With cruise and stay vacations, the price of the indispensable flights and accommodation is included, so all you have got to is make sure you get to where you are going and have as much fun as practical.

Vegas is a wonderful town to spend 1 or 2 days in, whether or not you are the betting type or not. If you do love odd atmospheres, there are a lot of places – nearly all of which are open twenty-four hours each day and offer several games to put your money on. And there are a few other things worth doing and see in Vegas – you might go rock climbing at the Red Rock Ravine, play a round of golfing or soar up, up and away as part of a hot air ballooning excitement. If you’re mesmerised by history, attractions like the Atomic Testing Museum could be more your scene, but if you need bigger, bolder entertainment there are many other decisions. Gigantic concerts featuring global megastars are a regular feature on Las Vegass event schedule, as is the arriving of musicals and touring acts that’ve been a big hit someplace else in the world.

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