Alexandria Getaways from Cairo—What Egypt Has to Offer

Going and experiencing the Alexandria Tours from Cairo are the greatest memory you will have of the city. Alexandria is a melting pot of cultures since this is situated along the Mediterranean Sea, the intersection of the east and the west; It is also called by another name: the Pearl of the Mediterranean. It was Alexander who this great place is named from, the great Greek conqueror during the Greek Empire who made Egypt his second home.

There are exciting views offered from the Alexandria Sightseeing Trip from Cairo where Pompay’s Pillar is one of the great sights to see. To honor their great emperor during the 4th century, this was created.Included in the Temple of Serapia ia Pompay’s Pillar. You will also see the Qaitbay Citadel, a fortress that is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, built in 1477 by Mameluke Sultan Abdul- Nasser Qait Bey. You will also be able to visit the Catacombs that feature Ancient iconographies of the Romans and Egyptians during the Roman period in Egypt. Other interesting sites include the Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel and the Roman Theater in Kon El-Dikka, the Alexandria National Museum and many more. The different cultures that surround Alexandria are what you will see, which makes the Alexandria Tours from Cairo a must.

Other variations of the Alexandria Tours in Cairo is the  Alexandria and El-Alamein Trip from Cairo.  This sixteen-hour tour will feed you with many historical facts that actually happened in El Alamein, along with Alexandria. The massive destruction brought about by the World War II left its mark on the El Alamein and most of its tombs have this sign on it. Other things that you should note of are the  peninsula, the burial grounds of the sold. Your tour will be then taken to the Pearl of the Mediterranean, where you will experience a great view overlooking the sea, with the famous landmarks A number of locations are popular in Alexandria. These locations include the Pompay’s Pillar, Alexandria National Museum, the Qaitbay City are among the great historical locations found in Egypt. The last leg of the tour is a visit to the Roman Catacombs, here you ill find a cemetery carved from a rock. There are three layers to this.

These Alexandria Tours from Cairo are available everyday and rates may depend on the number of people who will take the tour. Large discounts are usually given for a big group, so if you are on a budget this is great for you. These will include meals, with mineral water (which is essential to any desert land), door to door transfer services and world-class multilingual tour guides.


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