Conjecture that The Hangover 3 is going to be filmed around some of the hotels of Rio de Janeiro

On the heels of the the latest filming of The Hangover 2 that’s at this time transpiring in Thailand, speculation is already happening for the subsequent sequel to the uproarious comedy. Some story leaks for Hangover 3 appear to point out that the film could likely take place in Rio de Janeiro. Evidently hotels and flats were scouted as potential filming locations along with apartments and other rentals, presumptively for the cast and crew. At this point, if the next Hangover film were to come to Brazil, it would possibly be filmed primarily in Copacabana and Ipanema.

The first film consisted of the main cast trying to reconstruct the situations of the previous night while searching for their missing friend whose wedding ceremony is less than two days away. While storyline details have been kept rather tight for The Hangover 2, it has been determined that our group of comedic characters take a holiday travel to Thailand to spend their vacation. While the first film took them on a romp through hotels and casinos of Las Vegas it will likely be fascinating to see how the tale is performed in these new accommodations.

If it is a fact that The Hangover 3 was to be shot in Rio de Janeiro, what would the story be? Needless to say, it would possibly follow the model of the prior film with one of the group disappearing and requiring the others to try to reconstruct the previous night. While there have been unconfirmed reports of hotels being scouted in the vicinity of Copacabana and Ipanema beach as well as other pieces of real estate, the question begs to ask, where else are they in all probability to film. Very likely candidates certainly could be the famous Christ Statue or the Sugar Loaf. Though filming will also probably take place in some flats or apartments.

Given the latest uptick of Brazil’s footprint in the film market place seems to grant some authenticity to this information. Additionally, Rio de Janeiro would probably be up to the task of giving a backdrop for this film. Not to mention that logistically, Brazil’s growth is becoming more enticing for filming. Given the increased number of apartments and other accommodations, it could be a rational choice. Rentals are becoming a growing commodity since the announcements of the World Cup and the Olympics are set to be sponsored by Brazil.

While fans anxiously await viewing The Hangover 2, already coming there is a possibility of an expansion to the franchise. Possibly, just possibly, we’ll see that fat bearded guy dancing Samba during Carnival!

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