Mauritius – Call For the Guru

Question: Am I able to rent a villa or apartment for my family vacation?

Answer: Yes. Of Course.  Mauritius Self Catering is the perfect way to relax and discover this fascinating island.

Holidaying in Mauritius is synonymous with decompressing in a glorious and peaceful environment set with an astonishing backdrop of extraordinary cultures.

The blend of cultures adds to the spell of the island and its inhabitants so of course Mauritius Self Catering Holidays are most unquestionably the type of vacation to choose in order to maximise your enjoyment and see the island to its best potential.  

Question: What type of clothing should I take with me?

Answer: Although there are no literal rules and regulations some places which will prohibit entrance to those wearing bathing costumes in the evening for dinner as an example or in some of the pickier bars.

For evening attire the recommendation is smart informal. Jackets are not required but most establishments, however, dislike shorts and surf wear unless you are in a beach side bar or local café.

During the coolest months, a light jumper, sweater, cardigan, or shawl for the ladies is advisable for the evening jaunts and for dining outside.

A few pairs of long trousers preferably made from natural fibers would also come in handy

The weather in Mauritius between June and August is mostly cooler and it is essential to remark that although Mauritius Island is an all year round destination it can often be cooler in the evenings and windy in certain regions as well so it is therefore well worth bring some warmer clothing if travelling in these months.

Question: Can I drive in Mauritius if I have a typical car permit??

Answer: Tourists in possession of a unexpired driving permit supplied by a authorized competent authority in their respective countries are permitted to drive on the same license during their stay in Mauritius.

 Question: Is the island solely about beaches, water and sun?

Answer:  The vast majority of tourists go to Mauritius for a beach vacation, and participate in some kind ofsporting activity while they are there even if simply to paddle in the ocean each day.

It’sa great adventure destination as well but until fairly recently it has been really costly to go there, although relatively inexpensive once you arrive in particular for those holidaymakers staying in Self Catering Accommodation in Mauritius.

Question:  What are the best means of transport available for exploring Mauritius?

Answer:  Public transportation in Mauritius is both trustworthy and inexpensive.

There is a regular bus service networks covering vitually all of the island and taxicabs are ready 24 hours every day connecting to all regions of the island.

Car hire firms are common and propose a broad choice of good quality cars to suit all budgets

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