Five Hints On How To Find An Excellent Hotel In London Kings Cross

Choosing a Kings Cross hotel is difficult because of the sheer amount of choice you have. So how does one go about picking the right hotel? You can look at the location or reviews – two of many ways to pick. The following five pointers should help you along.

When it comes to picking a hotel St Pancras, one thing to consider is that pricing dictates availability. Any event attracts tourists, and tourists flock to nearby hotels. Hotels always put their prices up with increased demand. Similarly in quieter periods, a bargain might be found as hotels will run special offers rather than have a room vacant.

Once you have narrowed down a list of hotels that match pricing and availability, you can look at other factors. Assuming the hotel has one, log onto its website to check their ammenities. Listing these facilities for each hotel against each other should give you a good comparison on value for money. Also remember, some facilities are more worth having than others. As an example, I know I’d rather have a trouser press than a TV. A garden for the minority would be less preferable to say a bar. Personal preference is king!

For me, the staff are the big difference between hotels near St Pancras and a bad hotel. Thus, giving the hotel reception a call can help. While you are on the phone, you can learn about the facilities, and the staff. Polite, happy staff will make a stay a most enjoyable one.

The location of a hotel is most important. After all, why would you be booking a hotel in the first place? Find a hotel located right near the tube if possible, for convenience. Using Google maps you can gage what attractions are nearby- bars, restaurants, theatres etc. Of course, don’t forget location isn’t everything if you can afford a taxi to come pick you up and take you where you please. Taxi transport is also much safer in the evenings.

A hotel review says a lot about the accomodation. Google should find you a sea of hotel review websites. You might also find that some hotels host their own guestbook on their website. Friends who have stayed in the area also are good for recommendations. Although do take into consideration that one person’s dream hotel may be anothers nightmare. Bear in mind that some people can be way too picky, and others far too easily pleased.

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