Pay For Your Flight By Shopping With Your Credit Card

Credit card companies added a new feature to specific credit cards so that avid travelers to receive credit card miles for purchases. For customers that enjoy traveling, credit card companies and certain airlines it is a win-win situation for all three.

People that want to travel will enjoy having these cards because over a period of time while you are spending on your credit card you may end up getting enough credit card miles to get free flights. Receive a certain number of credit card miles for the dollars that you spend on the card. Every credit card miles program is different and some will give you one frequent flier mile per dollar or two you spend.

Check if your credit card already has a credit card miles program. People that haven’t had a chance to travel before will be delighted to know that as soon as they start using their credit card they already start adding frequent flier miles to their account for future exchanges. Airline companies work on slim margins so they have got to be competitive. By working alongside credit card issuers to come up with specific credit card miles programs they increase their customer base immediately.

Keep in mind that the credit card miles program only covers the cost of the airline ticket. Any charges that are levied by the airline company are not covered but it all depends on the airline company. If the credit card does have a credit card miles program it is only for a single airline company. The frequent flier miles are not transferable for use on other airline companies. Some airlines only have flights to specific destinations and if they do not offer a flight to a certain destination they you will need to purchase another flight individually.

Credit Card Miles:Some Disadvantages As Well

There are drawbacks to credit card miles programs as well.

One thing to note is that you cannot redeem your miles for flights on specific dates. A number of credit card miles programs disallow travel on holidays. Not all frequent flier miles programs have the same stipulations.

Also, credit card miles programs have slightly higher annual percentage rates tied to them but it all depends on the airline card. Make sure you double check if the credit card also has an annual fee.

If you enjoy traveling and normally fly on a specific airline you may still end up ahead even with the slightly increased APR and an annual fee.

Redeeming Credit Card Miles

Get airline tickets when you see on your statement that you have enough miles. The price for each flight is the number of miles from one destination to another. Just trade them in to receive the flight. As an example, Boston may be 1200 miles from your location to there. You will need 1200 miles in your account or pay the difference if you do not have enough.

But by having a credit card with a credit card miles program you’ll be saving money on your flights. Many well known credit card companies such as AMEX, Chase, Citi and Discover already have credit card miles programs so be sure to take advantage of them.

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