Travel Planning Advice & Hotel Guide For African Safaris

The thing about African safaris is that the distance of the continent and the experience takes people away from modernity. It gets a lot harder to do all the usual things, like finding a nice hotel nearby, or making arrangements for local transport and meals, etc. The point here is that it is important to make all the arrangements in advance, find a good deal with a place to stay and so on.

African safaris are a huge industry, and there are many companies offering all kinds of travel deals. Finding the best ones depends essentially on the length of stay and budget. For example, an 8-day Cape Town package offers a complete South African experience including an exploration of the city, beaches, Table Mountain and the safari.

When to visit these places for a safari is determined by the rain and migratory patterns. Those visiting Kenya for the migration should go in between July to Nov. In Tanzania, it is the opposite, from Nov to June.

There’s big game and big money involved, so there are a big number of travel companies involved too. It’s not so hard to find deals to suit every budget and type of traveler. So someone who wants to enjoy and experience everything in South Africa might want to book an 8 day Cape Town package. This would include many city tours, a beach vacation, trip to Table Mountain, and of course the safari.

The when for African safaris has to be decided based on the destination choice and the time when it rains (or there’s a dry spell) at said destination. For example, those who want to catch the migration should visit either Kenya or Tanzania. Kenya has to be visited between July and Nov, while Tanzania has to be visited from Nov to June.

Finding comfortable and economical hotels in South Africa is the sure way to have a unique and interesting holiday. South Africa can be the base location for many activities including African safaris

There are a huge number of travel companies providing deals and services for safaris, so it’s not hard to find a suitable package deal to match the budget and itinerary. Many travelers want to see a lot more of Africa in addition to the safari. For instance, an eight day Cape Town safari package might include 4 days of safari and 4 days of pleasure with city tours, beaches, a trip to the Table Mountain, etc.

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