JFK Parking Application for the Savvy Passenger: Review of the Smart Parking App

Thanks to the information age, passengers looking for the best bargains and discounts for parking at JFK Airport simply have to browse the internet for a few minutes, select from among competing parking options, and reserve their parking spot well ahead of their actual flight. Imagine how limited the choices were back then. Back in the nineties, people looking for parking coupons have to scour the glossies and broadsheets to find the rare (and frequently insignificant) parking discount coupon.

With online connectivity, people now have the ability to pinpoint the best parking at JFK Airport and to book that choice instantaneously, with just a few mouseclicks – no calls or legwork necessary. Things couldn’t get any better than this, right? Wrong. The Smart JFK Parking app just upped (no pun intended) the ante and made reserving parking online simpler and faster than ever before.

Launched by SmartPark JFK, a top-notch parking company at Kennedy airport, the ‘Smart’ app allows users to login to the SmartPark mobile site and reserve JFK Airport parking even with no access to a computer using their cell phones only. Announced last fall, the Smart mobile app promises to be a next-level customer assistance tool targeted at the constantly rushed New Yorkers.

The mobile app “exemplifies SmartPark JFK’s broader commitment to the consumer, always thinking of ways to improve the customer’s experience,” according to Adam Smith, Director for Operations at SmartPark JFK. “Today, more than ever, choices are plentiful but great service is not.”

The primary advantage of this app, of course, is the computer-less convenient reservation capability. It also features remote hosting which means that, unlike other travel apps, there’s no need to pay for the app or to download any client to your mobile phone. Since it runs on SmartPark JFK’s own site, it won’t be eating up a lot of your phone’s battery time.

The Smart app is quite popular among the most tech-savvy 25-42 age bracket and also making inroads into the over 50 age groups. SmartPark JFK estimates that about 10% of all JFK long-term parking transactions are processed via the Smart app.

The obvious disadvantage to the Smart mobile app that immediately comes to mind is that it restricts the choices of the traveler. All transactions and reservations are for SmartPark JFK’s own parking services only. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – surfers in a hurry can conveniently place reservations in a couple of minutes from anywhere basically so long as they carry their mobile phones with them. In contrast, it would require them 10 minutes minimum to go through the various offers, if they have access to the rates of the other companies providing parking at JFK Airport. The SmartPark JFK facility in Queens has just recently opened for business and has some of the least expensive rates in the industry.

Nevertheless, if you have the inclination, go ahead take a look at what the competing parking lots and hotels around the airport are providing. Whether you’re using your old PC or the Smart app for searching, the important thing is to locate the cheapest airport parking or the  best bargains out there – these are plentiful, as you will see – and place your reservation beforehand.  Read what other users are posting about the facility you’re planning to use. Apps and PCs are great tools when you’re on the lookout for the best parking at JFK Airport but in the end, it’s the feedback (in regard to these facilities)  of previous customers like you that may be the best gauge.

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