Sunny Curaçao Diving Paradise.

Curacao is an island finding itself in the southern Caribbean Sea very close to Venezuela.  Latley it has become into a sort after location spots for diving in the world. With its rich blue reefs and deep-sea gardens that are filled with fishes and exotic sea life, this is why diving on Curacao has become widely regarded as one of the diving on Curacao is a great experience.  

Diving on Curacao Island has everything you would need to keep you busy. With over 40 different dive sites to choose from, there will always be something to do. Curaco is the biggest out of the surrounding islands, as beaches stretch for over 40 miles.

Diving on Curacao is usually done on the southern side of the island. Here is the popular Curacao Underwater Marine Park is located, with its beautiful marine life and crystal blue waters that entice divers from all over the world to come and explore their reefs. This is Curacao’s biggest diving marine park, as it all over is a third of the island’s waters which stretch out for 12 1/2 miles.

For visitors coming to dive on Curacao you will love the fact that that south side of the island secluded little spots with some nice beaches surrounding the main diving spots, so if you wanted to have a break from diving then the the choice to relax beneath the hot sun is always there. There are other things happening that takes place on Curacao, the southwest end of the island is home to the Banda Abao Underwater Park which has to around 20 different dive and snorkeling sites.

As previously mentioned Curacao sits just 35 miles north of Venezuela, perfect for those who live in Miami, as it’s only a 3-hour plane ride from the main airport. When those who come to dive thought Curacao is unbelievable, the fact that the normal weather for diving on Curacao remain more or less perfect throughout the year, with the usual climate conditions staying around 80F produces the perfect this the perfect ideal of tropical holidaying.   

Water temperatures in winter can be around 70F then getting gradually warmer with the summer to reach 80F. If at any point divers getting cold then swimsuits are readily available to rent or buy from all over the marine park.

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