The Making of a Great Vacation: Jordan, Egypt

Being part of Egypt Jordan Tours will allow you to join activities and the best experience of all the great sites in Egypt. Egypt and Jordan have a long history together since these countries are just adjacent to each other.

Egypt Jordan Tours takes a number of days where you will be visiting numerous sites a day after you arrive in Egypt. Great information regarding the great place in Egypt are what you will get from Egypt Jordan Tours. Get to learn more about the history, the biblical truth, all there is to know about Egypt.

On your Egypt and Jordan Tour, you will first start on visiting places in Egypt. You will get to go to the pyramids on the first day. Then you will go to the Egyptian Museum and the Cairo Citadel on the second day. On the fourth to the fifth day, you will go to Luxor and have sightseeing on the Luxor temple, the Karnak Temples, the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut before going the Sharm El Sheikh where you will go to the St. Catherine Monastery and Moses Mountain before going to Taba. You will then spend a day on Petra visiting the ancient rose red city, the Royal Tombs, Street of Facades, and Pharaoh’s Castle before you will go to Amman, the capital of Jordan. The Roman Amphitheather is one of the best sites to visit in Egypt, together with the King Abdullah’s mosque. Here you will find the Archeological and Folklore Museum where great artifacts are kept. See here how the Romans influenced the culture of Jerash where there is a lot of Roman influence. After a whole day’s activity you will return to Amman where, in the morning you will further explore the city, and then head back to Cairo after traveling back to Taba.  This Egypt Jordan Tours is definitely an experience that you will never forget in your lifetime because you will get to see all the wonders that are offered by these countries in just almost two weeks.

This Egypt Jordan tour will be further experienced with a bit of luxury when you get an Egypt Jordan Luxury Tour. It is important to note however that all luxury tours will include a trip to Jordan whether through land or water via the Jordan River which is connected to the Nile River.

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