AM Roundup: Boeing’s pension switchup + Go ahead, fly your drone, Jeff Bezos …

Bob Niedt
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Good morning and welcome to your Friday. Here’s some of your business:

1. AM news to butter your biscuits: A lot of people aren’t going to like this news from The Boeing Co.: The defense contractor and airplane-builder said Thursday it is ending pension plans for some 68,000 nonunion workers, according to Reuters. One of those workers is Boeing’s chief executive. The move comes as the company starts moving away from defined-benefit plans. Changes take effect in January 2016. … Speaking of taking flight, it’s now OK to fly your drone. I know you were concerned about this. Certainly, is taking notice. According to Bloomberg, a National Transportation Safety Board judge overturned the Federal Aviation Administration’s $10,000 fine against a man for recklessly flying his drone. The judge said, hey, we don’t regulate model airplanes. Why drones? Somewhere, Jeff Bezos rubbed his hands together and said, Exxxxcellent…” … Former President Bill Clinton took home a check for $225,000 from Washington Hospital Center — right when the hospital was in the midst of two rounds of major layoffs in 2012, the Washington Times reports. That’s not sitting well with unions and others. … The federal probe into the dealings of Credit Suisse Group AG has a lot of it’s U.S. clients nervous, according to Bloomberg. As prosecutors wrap a three-year probe into how Credit Suisse may have helped people evade taxes, those clients are concerned tax authorities may secure their identities. … Meanwhile, party time in the White House (really?). Yep. President Barack Obama hosted the “women of soul” Thursday night, with Aretha Franklin centerpiecing it, tearing down the rafters and looking for a little R-E-S-P-E-CT. She was joined by Patti LaBelle and Ariana Grande. Did Obama care? Apparently.

Bob Niedt edits and produces content for our digital operation.

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