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The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office could burn down the home of a Redding man suspected to have stockpiled more than 40 pounds of volatile explosive material as early as this weekend, the man’s attorney said today.

D. Ray East, 63, remains in Mercy Medical Center where he is recovering after accidentally blowing his hand off last Thursday at his home on 9021 Chaparral Drive. East’s attorney, Jeffrey Stotter, said East received official word from Sheriff Tom Bosenko that the house would be destroyed as early as Sunday or sometime afterward.

Bosenko would not provide additional information about the order tonight. East has not been arrested and no charges have been filed in his case.

East has told Stotter there is nothing immediately explosive in the home, the attorney said, and that the materials are for East’s model rockets. Though the chemicals can be volatile if misused, there’s nothing posing a threat to the neighborhood, Stotter said.

“I can understand, but they don’t blow somebody’s house up when their lawn mower explodes,” Stotter said.

The Sheriff’s Office has not specified what chemicals or devices are in the home, though Bosenko has said some are illegal and others are legal until used to build an explosive.

Authorities in San Diego County burned a home in Escondido down in 2010 after discovering the largest stash of homemade explosives and bomb-making material ever found in the U.S. Bosenko has compared this case to that “bomb factory.”

Escondido resident George Jakubec was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for making and storing explosives in the 2010 case.

In that case, crews built a 16-foot wall coated in fireproof gel around the home, and neighbors within a 250-yard radius were evacuated. The fire burned at about 2,000 degrees.

A neighborhood evacuation remains in effect near East’s home, and those who live within 1,000 feet of the home have been told not to return to their properties. Bosenko said Saturday that radius could expand to 2,000 feet depending on what is found in the home or the methods used to eliminate the explosives.

Stotter said he and East are cooperating with the Sheriff’s Office to resolve the situation so people can return to their homes.

“We don’t have someone here with any ill intent,” Stotter said of his client.

Evacuated neighbors say they’re becoming more disgruntled with the situation. Evacuee Fred Padden, 88, lives up the street from East. He said he never noticed any strange or dangerous behavior from the man and doesn’t believe there’s anything to fear in the home.

“It’s just a big hullabaloo over nothing,” Padden said. “All I know is he built model airplanes and fired his antique handgun.”

Stotter said he hopes the “crisis might be over” once the home is destroyed.

Bosenko is planning a press conference Thursday afternoon. The Record Searchlight will report live from that conference on Redding.com and Twitter.

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