A typologi of Temple in Bali


A conservative appraisal reckons that there are most 20,000 temples in Bali. A lot of the time they are deserted, watched more than by a lay priest, or pemangku, who keeps the temple precincts clear of leaves and functions as a standard caretaker. But each temple has its wedding festivals, or odalan, whose go out with is fastened both according to a 210-day ritual cycle, or alternatively the ancient Hindu lunar Saka calendar. An odalan may final for a number of days, and their principal aim is the ritual purification of the temple catchment area and its congregation. Ref: Bali Cheap Villa

On these occasions, the temple becomes the centre of intensive exercise drawing in the total nearby community to take part in prayer and ritual supplication to the gods and to partake of the connected entertainments-gamelan performances, puppet theater, dancing drama, operetta and the like. Ref: Cheap Bali Villa

There are a wonderful wide variety of temple types in Bali, every servings a unique function. Each and every village, or desa, has three most important temples which govern the religious lifestyle of the community. They are identified as the kahyangan tiga and they are recognized with the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Siwa. Various varieties of temples incorporate pura panataran, or royal temples, which are normally incorporated as part of a palace complex, and non-public origin temples devoted to the ancestors of a distinct family- variously pura dadia, pura kawitan and pura padharman, relying in the genealogical depth being traced. There are additionally hill temples (pura bukit), sea temples (pura segara) and temples devoted to the tutelary gods of seed (pura melanting) and stock market (pura pasar). Each watering society-a collective of rice farmer who draw their drinking water from a typical supply–will also have its own temple (ulun carik). Ref:Cheap Villa in Bali


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