Destinations to visit for a great adventure in Russia


Chukotka is the eastern most region of Russia and of the complete Eurasian landmass. It is washed by two oceans – the Arctic and the Pacific. A half of the territory is situated beyond the Polar Circle. Nearly the complete location is occupied with tundra. Aboriginal peoples – the Chukchis, the Eskimos (the Siberian Yupik) and various small geo-targeted nationalities are mainly engaged in reindeer propagation or in looking sea mammals. Chukotka remains a limited area of Russia which has had restricted contact with the rest of the world. Just about every tourist, a Russian or a foreigner, must possess a unusual permission to enter in Chukotka. Few visitors and incredibly low denseness of geo-targeted population improve to protect the special landscape and flora and fauna of the area.


Caucasus is an alpine country in the southernmost edge of the Western component of Russia. The principal mntain chain – the Increased Caucasus Range represents a natural border between Europe and Asia. Europe’s best summit – Mount Elbrus (18,510 ft) is situated merely north of the main range, various kilometers into Europe. Southern slopes of the Better Caucasus Assortment happen down to the Dark Sea. Caucasus is the property of spectacular attractiveness and purity. Its snow peaks, pine forests, icy streams and glaciers attract thousands of climbers, mountain-skiers, travelers and nature fans from all over the world.


Altai is 2nd to none of them in the splendor of its landscapes, and in diversity of its points of interest. Extremely deep in the heart of the Siberian wilderness, covered by impassable taiga forests and high mntain peaks, Altai is among the top attractions of the Russian wilderness, and an outstanding arrange for outdoor adventures from rafting, climbing and mountain ascending to fishing, horse-riding and many others. A flowery fragrance of Alpine mdw; grasses together the icy mntain streams; the well-known Altai honey; the nomadic gemstone idols and Rerich’s tracks; the settlements of the “old believers”, the Siberian shamans. Notice the elevated mntain glaciers, the place throughout the summer snowfall is greater than in winter, abandoned steppe, dense Siberian taiga, deliver pastured camels on the valley floor and gather a gourmet gift baskets of ripe cedar-cones amidst the lofty forests in the course of your horseback using tour across the Altai mountains.

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