Dark streets in big cities

Just about every big metropolis has its own dark spot a road or a district averted by inhabitants and sought out by daring travelers. Here comes most of them.


Reperbahn is among the a lot well-known streets in Germany. It is notoriously known for its numerous sex stores, strip bars and evening clubs. Since prostitution goes together using criminality, the road reaches sometimes rather rough due to gang fights. The ambience of a red ignite district and gangland is a an often-visited visitor attraction. The place is a popular destination for 24 hour consuming tours especially among British youth. At the time of the day there is not considerably to see other than the Beatles Museum. The street arrives to stay at night and after that all travelers should be added cautious and observe their belongings.


Stick Pigalle in Paris is an amusement district. It is full of French cinemas, cabarets, accommodations and restaurants. However, the put is well-rounded of drug dealers, prostitutes and pickpockets too, though the sleazy parts of the district are gradually increasing their image. Police has been pushing the criminals aside so the stick can optimistically be much more visitor-friendly in the future.



Wenceslas Sq. is in all probability the a lot famous square in Prague, the Czech money. The big sq that comes with two buying boulevards turns into the centre of prostitution and drug working at evening. In an action to clear the place policemen can presently be seen patroling the square more generally. Still, medication dealing and prostitution possess often been really very difficult to fight. The structure of the architectural structures right here is definitely worth enjoying but be careful and see out for pickpockets.


Omonia Square was the heart of Athens in between 1960 and 1990. Nevertheless, since nineties the Greek investment has been attacked by foreigners looking for job. The immigration wave presented also criminality to the region, and the Omonia Sq. has become the centre of it all. Pickpocketing and medication dealing is on everyday schedule there, and prostitution is flourishing at night time. Disguise the wallet and other valuables once strolling approximately this outstanding arrange.



Damstraat is the main road in Amsterdam. It additionally sets in motion the nearby red burn district which is full of coffee retailers, sex stores, and cafes. Police patrols the street frequently at night. The road is usually full of mostly drunken and unappealing visitors but it is also well-lit, so just be much more mindful what is going on approximately you while strolling there.

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