Exciting train trips

THE STENDHAL France, Italy

Stendhal, named after the well-known nineteenth century French writer, is an rpc_11_rpc exercise from Paris to Milan and Venice operated by TGV Artésia. Get on in Paris, wake up in Venice! Rest and travel extra enjoy the terrific scenery – doing so is the ideal way how to get to Italy! There is a assortment of sleepers readily available and the tickets are not expensive.


This railway goes from Myrdal lower to the fjords of Flam. The voyage is 20 km long  and goes at 865 metres (2838feet) over see level. It is one of the steepest non cog rails all over the world and it is surely one of the most famous tourist sights in Norway.
Scenery of the longest fjord in the world – Sognefjord, very deep riv valleys and peaks – that is which it tends to make an memorable journey!

THE DANUBE EXPRESS Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria

Danube Express, also named the hotel on wheels, runs from Dracula’s Transylvania, Budapest and Prague to Krakow and Sofia. You will take pleasure in the scenery throughout the total journey. For individuals who enjoy classic workout journeys it is the choice variety one!


Doing so course is only 9 km (5,5 kilometers) long and is connecting Kleine Scheidegg with the greatest train sta in Europe – Jungfraujoch (3,454 m, eleven,332 ft. Do not expect great view from the window thus the whole route goes through a tunnel. It prevents twice in the tunel to allow the passengers to get off and get pleasure from a great browse of the Alps in home windows built into the mountainside. The excursions is quite short, it is additionally very expensive.


It is the longest train voyage all over the world. It has 3 routes. The first one prospects from Moscow to Vladivostok (9000 km, 6000 miles), and the other two from Moscow to Beijing: one through Mongolia (8000 km, 5000 kilometers) getting six days, and the various through Manchuria getting almost a week. If you choose the wrong aspect of the calendar year (winter), it is also undoubtedly the coldest train course all over the world.

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