Did You Understand A Disposable Gas Lighter Would Be A Good Surviving Kit

Do you think of the last time you were in a place of bother or came across a serious situation ? So, what you did? In other wise, did you learn something from it? You come across these situations in life so that the next time you face it, you can manage the situation properly and wisely.


Sometimes in life we come across situations where you might have to make split break second decisions conclusions. It can be a near miss while moving, losing yourself in the forest while camping or getting injured while hunting. All the possibilities are there, and anything can happen at any given moment .


Just imagine you are somewhere deep in the woods during a camping session and can’t find your way back. Dark clouds are looming ahead, and the weather conditions are extremely bad . This is where the need of having a survival kit comes handy . You have to realize the fact that the main cause of having a survival kit in hand is as it can keep you live, and you stand a good chance of getting rescued .


Why A Disposable Gas Lighter Is A Must In A Survival Kit


So let’s see why a gas lighter is a must in a survival kit. When you are in a similar kind of position where it is raining and the atmospheric conditions are bad, the first thing that comes to mind is the want of heat , which can be got in the form of flame. flame helps you stay warm , not to mention the point that it can assist you cook food , sterilize water and more importantly gain attention .


So how do you start a fire ? Well, you can create fire with the help of a cheap disposable gas lighter. It may sound little funny , but mind you we are discussing about life and death here. You don’t want to try the caveman technique of utilizing stones to start a fire, which by the way is quite a difficult task to do. Using a lighter is the simplest thing to start a fire.


Uses of a Disposable Gas Lighter


Cook Food: A lighter can create a fire which can helps you in preparing food. You need to of course carry some simple ready made food items that can be cooked instantly. You can’t be waiting cutting vegetables and meat here. Having a cheap disposable gas lighter can help you stay alive by aiding you in having hot meals.


hot Water: With a lighter you can keep yourself healthy by drinking boiled water. There is no surety that the water in the brook or stream nearby is safe to drink. However, heating that water for sometime makes it good for drinking. 


Along with a cheap disposable gas lighter you may also consider possessing a compass, first aid kit and some extra food and water in your survival kit. If something is important your money then it is definitely a lighter. You won’t have any trouble in having one in your survival kit bag as it is cheap, easy to use, and simple to dispose.


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