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The cash of the UK is additionally the industry’s literature centre. Quite a few famous authors were whether born or invested aspect of their lives here and also a lot more writers employed it as a establishing for their tales. Admirers of Charles Dickens may for example visit his home, nowadays a museum, lovers of the detective tale writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can probably get pleasure from a guided excursions close to the places Sherlock Holmes went to, stayed at or simply talked about in the course of his investigations, especially the well-known home in 221B Baker Street. Various famous London denizens are e.g. Geoffrey Chaucer, John Keats or H.G. Wells.

DUBLIN, Ireland

Eire and particularly its cash Dublin has constantly been a centre of new ideas. Merely think of James Joyce’s Dubliners or Ulysses. Joyce is naturally not the only Irish innovator. In the 20th century, Samuel Becket complied his footsteps using the absurd drama concept. In addition to the visit of the Dublin Writers’ Museum and the National Library of Ireland, visitors could for sure go for the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl.



From the classics of world literature, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Scott or Robert Louis Stevenson resided and authored listed below. To-day, the metropolis has its literary symbol – J.K. Rowling, the author of the famous stories of Harry Potter. If you want to see all the city’s literature giants, just go visit the Writer’s Museum. It is definitely worth mentioning which Edinburgh has been reported the first UNESCO Metropolis of Literature.


There are only few people approximately the industry who have in no way noticed of William Shakespeare. The well-known play-writer was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, a town that has hence become one of the most went to literary destinations throughout the world receiving on 3 million guests a year. Listed below, one can checking Shakespeare’s birthplace, museum, theatre and a lot of various attractions – Stratford is simply the arrange for the literature enthusiasts.

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