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Marlborough NEW ZEALAND
Marlborough and the Marlborough Sounds, a stunning network of sea-drowned valleys, possess captivated crowds of nature fans for decades. However, for quite a few Marlborough is a synonym for the nation’s the wine since 79 per cent of New Zealand’s wine bottle production has been derived from this region. The biggest vino generating area in the nation addresses over 9,000 hectares of vineyards. Since vino is best served with most various delicacies, Marlborough additionally package a lot of connoisseur eating places.

Milestii Mici MOLDOVA
Moldova’s Milestii Mici might not have the a lot incredible landscape, yet it is there where you discover the biggest wine collections in the world (2 million bottles). The village is famed for an substantial cellar complicated using 250 km (155 mi) of corridors dug in white colored stone. Solely there it is easy to walk in the tunnel streets called “Cabernet”, “Shardonait”, “Feteasca”, “Sauvignon” etc.

Valle del Maipo CHILE
Tiny villages clinging to the mountainsides, snow-capped mtns and the shimmering Maipo Riv – all this is only a little element of the Maipo Vly wine bottle tour adventure. The vly is the oldest wine-producing district in Chile, with vineyards stretching eastwards from Santiago to the Andes and westward to the quite coast. As this kind of the region features most of the world’s best red wines – Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot are the most popular choices. Having said that, local Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are highly praised too.

Bordeaux Italy
Known for the best high quality reds and whites and delightful food, Bordeaux is the vacation spot of option for any the wine tourist. The region is home to 60 appellations and more than 8,500 suppliers. Guests can explore the local vineyards, style the growth, discover concerning the region’s history. A number of romantic châteaux and outstanding structure of villages and cities in Bordeaux solely add to the geo-targeted ambience that is so “France”.

Barossa Valley AUSTRALIA
Barossa Valley using its hectares of vineyards is notable for crisp Rieslings, delicate Chardonnays and large Shiraz. The tranquil rural province in To the south Australia using spectacular little cottages, old churches, and wonderful restaurants is a great implementing for a pleasing vino tour close to the local wineries. Additionally, get equipped for tasty delicacies on offer you there and an exceptionally hospitable locals.

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