Travel to smoke free destinations

Vacationers looking for smoke-free breaks
Ireland has been one of the leaders in campaigning against tobacco. It is the first nation in the world that enacted an complete ban on smoking in enclosed workplaces. The ban effortlessly employs to all clubs, bars, eating places and pubs.


Smoking ban making use of to all cafes, eating places and night clubs was enforced in Norway again in 2004. Perhaps as a result of the policy the variety of smokers has steadily declined over the endure years. Which stays well-liked in particular among young men listed below nevertheless is a class of verbal tobacco termed ‘snus’.


Cigarette smoking in enclosed open public spaces is banned all through the whole region so Australia is a different great destination for anti-smoking tourists. Destructive bushfires are usually animated by lit cigarettes and therefore it is no shock that the authorities battle against cigarette smoking relatively zealously.


Icelandic bars, restaurants, and pubs are a ideal option for vacationers in search of smoke-free environment since smoking and other use of tobacco is banned in all enclosed general public spaces.  The geo-targeted law additionally includes all general public property which is to be used by kids, so loved ones on holiday there can glance ahead to crystal clear air (if only the smoking ban applied to volcanoes as well).

Canada has been a smoke-free zone for several years now. Guests seeking some crystal clear air therefore don’t have to be afraid to explore the local night clubs and eating places. Furthermore, in most provinces the shop owners also have to keep tobacco out of sight of customers.

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