Great Historical Cities to Visit

Europe offers a vast amount of historical hotspots for those who take a deep interest in history. With many respected museums across Europe, you will not be disappointed.

With its ancient archaeological remains, countless museums and exquisite architecture, Rome is a particularly desirable destination for those with a passion for the past . The opportunities for exploration are countless; perhaps the best way to see all these sights is using the ‘Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker Bus Tour’, allowing you to explore the heart of Rome at your own pace on opened top busses, providing full 360 degree panoramic views whilst cruising along 17 stops of the most beautiful, cultural and evocative areas of the Eternal city . There are many places worth seeking, for example the The Pantheon, Peter’s Basilica are well situated for a visit, not to mention the iconic Vatican City which must not be missed . There are guided tours for these types of attractions . Additionally, one of Rome’s richest and most charming villas, the Borghese Gallery and Museum, houses a vast host of masterpieces including sculptures and paintings produced by artists such as Bernini and Titian . Book your cheap flights to Rome to uncover the rich history from this fascinating capital city .

An additional city with the historical culture like Rome is Paris . At the centre of the city of romance, uncover the Seine River Cruise, climb to the top of the world famous Eiffel Tower for a delectable dinner date with a view, or visit the Notre Dame, widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in Europe . The renowned museum, The Louvre, is one of the most visited museums in the world. With tourist marking it down as the first place to visit, the museum offers a range of unique works and archaeological remains. The Louvre contains more than 35,000 different pieces of art work for the public to see, it is a museum which allows you to learn about the deep history of France. Come and explore the foundations of the city of romance for yourself by booking cheap flights to Paris when you are online .

Moving on to other great European cities, Barcelona is considered to be one a must visit . Famous for its stunning architecture, it too offers a wealth of historical content. Armed with flights to Barcelona, the city is thrillingly exciting with its architectural mix of old and new, as famous Gaudi architecture such as the unfinished Sagrada Familia combined with modern and cosmopolitan buildings . On the other hand, there are many ideal places worth the visit, for example the museum of modern art named Fundaci Joan Mir, which has been dubbed to be one of the top museums in the world.

Even though all three destinations sound appropriate and tempting, traveling to one of the three may not be enough if you have a deep passion for travelling, so make sure you plan and travel to all of them.

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