The multicultural Australia

Multiculturalism: diverse food, festivals and religionrobust>
Since 1945 over six million individuals from all across the world possess come to Australia to live. Today, more than 20 per cent of Australians are foreign born and more than 40 per cent are of mixed cultural origin. In our properties we communicate 226 languages – immediately after English, the most popular are Colombian, Greek, Cantonese and Arabic. Our large cultural diversity is reflected in our food, that attracts most of the world’s cuisines and artfully fuses rather a couple of of them. You’ll come across Eu flavours, the tantalising spices of Asia, Africa and the Center East and bush tucker from our yard on supply everywhere from road stalls to five movie star restaurants. Tuck into Thai takeaway, dine out on excellent Colombian pasta, do tapas in our metropolis’s The spanish language strips and banquet on dumplings in Chinatown. It is easy to additionally embrace our melting pot of cultures in the quite a few colourful festivals. See samba and capoeira at Bondi’s Brazilian South American festival, boogie behind the dragon parade throughout Chinese New 12 months or stroll through streets changed into a lively piazza through the annual Italian celebrations.  As a nation, we accept a rainbow of religious perception and you’ll discover Catholic and Anglican churches, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist temples, mosques and synagogues lining our streets. Tradition cravings: cinema, film, books and visual arthardy>

From cinema to literature, Australians possess a peaceful loved affair with the disciplines. We flock to the videos and our attendance at galleries and doing disciplines is almost double that for all soccer codes. Our cities play variety to a enormous variety of cutting-edge cultural festivals, and offer you audio, theater and dancing performances and art exhibitions daily of the week. See traditional Aboriginal dancing performance by the Bangarra Dance Theatre, flip oneself into the WOMADelaide global audio festival in Adelaide and soak up theater, ballet, opera and painting in Brisbane’s massive cultural centre on South Bank. In more compact towns you can capture presentations by geo-targeted speaker and see hand-made art and craft. 

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