A Few Fascinating Facts About Mesa Airlines

An entire book can be written about Mesa Airlines, and there is enough history since they opened their doors in 1980. The airline definitely put in a lot of work to ensure the growth and expansion of the company and their planes. Mesa really turned things around for themselves after the awful attacks of 9/11. Since December of 2001, the company has enjoyed profitable quarters, even though they entered into a brief bankruptcy proceedings to reduce overhead and expenses. The company has earned their wings through many battles, and their corporate leadership is perhaps as good as can be found anywhere.

When you read about Mesa Airlines, you will find that name used synonymously with the Mesa Group, even though Mesa Airlines is an actual airline and they are related. Mesa Group are ready to get on with their operations despite only just emerging from bankruptcy this year. Chapter 11 bankruptcy was declared by them so that they were able to shift some planes that were no longer needed, in addition to reducing their debt. What is amazing is they were in bankruptcy proceedings for only about three months. This is most likely the shortest amount of time any airline has ever been in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy court. Another alias of Mesa Airlines is US Airways Express. This is the result of a code share agreement with US Airways established in 1997. This sub-brand division of Mesa services about fourteen destinations in the United States. US Airways Express has two main hubs, which are Phoenix Arizona and Charlotte, North Carolina. This operation runs a number of planes, in particular the Dash 8 aircraft and both the Bombardier CRJ900 and CRJ200. The code share agreement with US Airways was forgotten due to Mesa going bankrupt in 2005.

The terrible events that happened in NY on September 11, 2001 put a lot of strain on the airline industry. In fact, some airlines quickly had to seek bankruptcy protection within months of 9/11. However, Mesa Airlines sprang into action with a series of moves designed to control and contain losses. Everything that was making them little profit was eliminated. The next thing they did was make their costs much less wherever they could, and they were able to do this without dramatically hurting their services. Their final step was to use their code sharing agreements to work their way back up to making a profit. The end result is they have been profitable every single fiscal quarter since the end of 2001.

When getting a picture of Mesa Airlines, you must think about them in a way that includes their history, to ensure you get a clear picture. Mesa’s operations have been drawn in many times, and they have been expanded as well, as part of company decisions. Both the global and national economic trends are closely watched by airlines, as they must adapt when something happens. This means that often there will be booms within the company and inevitably busts as well. I certainly think it’s fascinating how airlines form alliances with each other to help each other out in difficult times. It all makes perfect sense, as larger numbers means more power.

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