First Class Tickets Are Not That Expensive

How much do you fly? Do you at least fly more often than twice a year? I fly roughly 16 times every year and it’s not as bad as it once was and the reason is because first class tickets are starting to look cheaper than coach. Most people when they fly will fly economy class and the reason is because they think it’s less expensive than first class, but is it?

When it comes to finding cheap airline tickets there are some things you need to know. What you need to understand is that first class is cheaper than coach under certain circumstances. For instance if you’re to use $300 on a round trip flight, and you waste $60 total on checking 1 piece of luggage both ways. Your total for that economy class seat is $360. So let’s take a peek at a first class seat. If you fly on certain airlines you can upgrade you flight at the last minute, this means you will pay a discounted rate for the upgrade. Let’s say you purchase a discounted coach seat for only $240 because you purchased a seat in the middle and it was at the back of the aircraft. Now instead of paying for luggage you wait until you make it to the airport  (this will cost more if you don’t get a first class seat). Now you pay $100 for a round trip upgrade and since you are first class you do not need to pay for up to three checked bags. Do you see why first class is often times less expensive than coach?

Since you’re now aware of how this works I want to show you the best way to get this to work. What you have to do is pick a coach seat that you’re ok with sitting in and wait 2 weeks prior to the departure flight. The reason you do this is so that you can receive an upgrade from anybody that may have recently cancelled. Something you need to look for is somebody that is closer to the front of the plane that cancelled so that you could sit in their spot. The reason you do this is because flight attendants will most likely upgrade a person sitting very close to first class over somebody sitting at the rear of the aircraft. This is critical to know because most individuals believe that it all comes down to first come first serve. Just know that in order to buy a first class ticket for cheap you have to be nice to the flight attendants and you must never buy a first class ticket right from the beginning, this is how you receive extremely cheap airline tickets.

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