Shark Kills Tourist In Sharm El-Sheik

Last week it was revealed that vicious shark attacks took place in the popular diving resort of Sharm-El Sheik in Egypt. The news will come as a major blow to the country’s most famous resort and hot spot for divers. A woman of German descent who had strayed from her vessel was seen crying for help and trashing in the water, soon after the sea was red with blood. The woman was rescued from the water but it was too late to shave her, she died later in Hospital.

While shark attacks are highly uncommon and unexpected, resort operators were criticized for not doing more after many people suffered shark maulings in the days leading up to the attacks. In spite of this, resort spokesmen enforced the line that the water was safe, maybe they didn’t want to apply for loans orpůjčka as Czech tourists would say to pay for extra lifeguards!

This proved to be a fatal mistake however after the swimmer in question suffered fatal injuries at the hands of the shark. Authorities later claimed they had captured and terminated the animal in question but this seems highly dubious and a ploy dispel any bad PR ‘Sharm’ had been subject to. The workers in the resort would certainly need loans and credit, or půjčky a úvÄ›ry as Czechs say to keep themselves afloat if tourism suffered badly.

Sharm has seen a dramatic drop off in the number of hotel bookings in the area since the incident and are working to remedy this asap. The problem here has not only been the unexpected treat from the animals but the blatant and desperate way officials have tried to cover up the incident and restore visitor confidence. The thousands of visitors who got personal loans ornebankovní půjčky as Czech would say out every year to visit the resort will now be thinking twice.

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