Exploring the Cairo Citadel

When making the most of an Egypt tour, one of the most fascinating areas in the capital city of Cairo is the Citadel that sits forthousands of years in its midst. Because of the time frame that that the citadel was constructed in Cairo it is no wonder that it is filled with ancient and more medieval architecture and structures.

In contrast to normal citadels and fortresses, the one found in Cairo is special in a lot of ways. Also popular as the Saladin Citadel, it is built by the impressive Ayyubid in order to protect the city from the invading crusaders. The Citadel of Cairo is constructed as part of the Muqattam Hill right in the center of Cairo. The purpose of this is to give warriors and soldiers a great vantagestage of any invading enemies. The citadel was built in 1176 until 1183 by Salah al-din.

Today because of its strategic place the Citadel has a great 360 degrees overlooking view of the capital. For many years the citadel is recognized to have soothing winds because of its high point. In Egypt’s history the Citadel of Cairo also grew to become a seat of power before being moved to Abdin Palace.

Within the Cairo Citadelvacationer can see a lot of fascinating things aswithin its walls are structures that complete any fortress. Included in the citadel are mosques including the famous Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, built during the 19th century. The renowned ruler produced this mosque in memory of his son. In addition to this mosque there are otherfascinating mosques inside of the citadel such as the Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque and the Suleyman Pasha Mosque.

There are also various museums within the mosque that holds vital relics of Egyptian history. When enjoying a Cairo Tour never miss a chance to see one of the lingering backdrops in this famous city. The Cairo Citadel itself will deliver amazing and captivating scenery of Cairo to each visitor.

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