Luxor, Egypt’s Premier City Destination

The ancient metropolis of Thebes, or later famed as Luxor is world famous because of its wide array of points of interest. It is a city located on the upper side   of the Egypt’s Nile River, a capital of the popular Luxor Governorate. Mainly because it is home to some of the largest necropolis and worship place in this country , it was later known it was famously known as the largest musuem that is open air in the world .


Today Luxor is the embarkation or disembarkation area of most cruises like the MS Beau Soleil Luxury Liner . This is because at this city tourist are already treated to much of Egypt’s ancient wonders Since in the city of Luxor tourists will truly be amazed at the wonders Because the city itself is filled with amazing historical sites that tourists are given the best start or end of tour Since the Luxor City is filled with historical site tourist will surely enjoy it as a start of the tour or to cap it all . Its broad docking area also allowed it to be best for cruises to accommodate disembarkation and embarkation of Vacationers.


When in Luxor, by no means miss the opportunity to see the massive Karnak Temple. Amun-Ra is the chief patron god of this temple It is an important temple dedicated to the god Amun Made to worship the powerful god Amun, this temple is one of the most important in Egypt  . It is Egypt’s greatest temple complex composed ofmany modest chapels, temples and hypostyle halls temples, chapels, courtyards and hypostyle halls courtyards, gardens, churches, temples and hypostyle halls  . Together with the Karnak Temple, don’t miss a chance to also see the Luxor Temple another popular temple complex although not as huge as the previous. The Luxor temple holds much old relief that depicts ancient tradition and worship.


Most Nile River cruise like the MS Crown Jewel Nile River Cruise also involve trip to the west facet of the river. This area is home to the world famous necropolis . To this modern era Up to today these historic burial sites are still being completely studied since it is known to hold some of the historical world’s most critical artifacts . One of the modern day discoveries in this area is the treasures of the child king Tutankhamen .


Additionally you can also tour the famed powerful woman pharaoh Hatshepsut’s Temple. Believed to have been built to be the burial place of the powerful queen , there are also tons of of historic relief observed in this temple. Still on the very same side of the Nile are the Colossi Memnon, two huge structures believed to have made in the appearance of the Pharaoh Amenhotep II.


It is surely no wonder why this metropolis is the best area that most Nile River Cruise like the  MS Iberotel Crown Emperor Nile Cruise , decide on to start or end their tours. It is home to a lot of distinctiveexplanation that tourists will surely enjoy.


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