Nile Cruise Best Tours: The Kom Ombo Temple

another of the stopovers in Egypt that visitors onboard the MS Mojito Nile Cruiser or the MS Jaz Jubilee Nile Luxury Cruise is the town of Kom Ombo. This town is one of the most well-known of Egypt’s Nile River banks. This city is centered upon a fantastic and unique temple devoted to two gods.


The Temple of Kom Ombo is known simply because of its double functions. It is devoted to the two gods recognized to have been guardians of this part of the region. Sobek, the crocodile headed and fertility god as well as Horus the falcon headed elder god.


In the town of Kom Ombo this double temple is the focal point many are captivated to go to this town to see its amazing characteristics. The entrance consists of a replicate of two entrances provided to the two different gods. entering into the temples there will also be a twin hall moving into the inner courts of the temple. Within the temple there are a lot of relief and relics that visitors will enjoy, amongst the walls tourists will be treated to tales about the two gods who ruled this land.


The temple was developed throughout the Ptolemaic Rule, one part for Sobek. Thus his side of the temple consists of a museum of about 300 mummified crocodiles. These crocodiles are identified to be the very ones who bask along the nearby river. The other part of the temple is purely dedicated to the falcon god Horus, or Haeroris who is acknowledged to have assisted Sobek many times in battles and wars.


One of the ideal ways to go to this small town is via a Nile River cruise like the MS Ibeterol Crown Emperor Nile River Cruise . The cruises offers high class services, services and guided tours to many of the interesting parts on the Nile River.

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