Cairo Day Adventures—Learn the Mysteries behind the Great Egypt

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. Due to its greatness, it is just right that most of the trips originate from this place. Day Tours from Cairo will give you the adventure of a lifetime that you always dreamed of.

Day tours from Cairo originate of include certain parts of Egypt. Alexandria, Luxor, Petrea. Alexandria is named after Alexander the Great who once ruled part of Egypt. It was once the capital of Egypt having one of the largest and most populated areas in Egypt. It is located along the Mediterranean Sea, so it is a major seaport for people who would come from Europe to visit the country. The tour along the Nile river is made more memorable by a visit to Luxor. Karnak Temple is one of the most attractive site here. This signify the religious culture of the Egyptians during that time. This was built in honor of God Amon, his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu. You will also be able to visit the Valley of Kings, the Valley of Queens, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. If you want to experience the modernity of the Egyptians then the Alexandria and Luxor Tours from Cairo is the best choice for it.

Day Tours from Cairo also include tours to Abu Simbel & Aswan. You will be brought from your hotel to the Cairo Airport. You will then be boarded for a flight at the Temples of Abu Simbel. One of the interesting finds here is the Temples of Ramses II.A number of Egyptian gods are honored in this place, , Ptah, Amun Re, Ramses II and Re-Her-Akhtey to name a few. Once done, your tour will progress to the Aswan High Dam which plays a major role for it holds the Nile river’s water, then to the Unfinished Obelisk, the Elephantine Island, Botanical Gardend and the Philae Temple. After your Abu Simbel and Aswan Day Tours from Cairo, you’d still be left fascinated with the locations that you have visited.

One of the famous Day Tours from Cairo is the tour to Petra, Jordan. You will start from a transfer to Taba. From here, you will have a once in a lifetime tour to Jordan. The trip will now take you to Aqaba. You will be able to visit the Red Rose Rock City, Nabateans, Lost City and Petra, where you can have horse back riding to see the Siq (with 2000 year old statues and carvings) and the Archeological Museum. Indeed, the Petra Day Tour from Cairo will make you experience two cultures at a time.


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