Getting Off the Beaten Path in Cairo, Egypt

With the many artifacts found in Egypt, you can consider it as an artifact filled with hidden treasures. Books my recount the greatness of the place but to visit it will me much more. The experience you will get from Egypt is one of the best in the world. It is a must that you try to be getting off the beaten path in Cairo.

There are several Off the Beaten Cairo Tours that you can choose from once you arrive in the place. You have the choice of having an overnight stay in the Bahariya and White Desert, experience day tour of the Bahariya Oasis, or Fayoum and  Wadi El Ryan, Tanis and Suez Canal Day Tour, the Minya, Tell El Amarna, Beni Hassan, Obama’s Trip in Cairo, the Egypt Manial Palace and Cairo Tower; Pharaonic Village Day Tour and tour to Ahmed Shawky Museum.

The Minya and Tell El Armana Excursion from Cairo is one of the tours that you should not miss out. The start of  getting off the beaten path in Cairo is usually after the vehicle transfer from El Menya. The trip usually takes 4 hours to complete. Once you reach this place you will be taken to the wonderful Tell El Amarna, which was once the capital of Akhenaton. The area may be surreal for you for it is reminiscent of the period it belonged to. Have the opportunity to see Beni Hassan, where you will experience what it feels like being in the Old Kingdom and what the Ancient Tombs look like.

Getting Off the Beaten Path in Cairo will not be complete if you will not have the Tanis and Suez Canal trip from Cairo. You will have to secure a special permit from the Cairo Department of Antiquities, though. This will all be worth it once you acquire the experience of this place. This ten-hour tour will start from transferring you to a tiny village known by the name Zagazig. Then you will be taken San el Hagarm the delta capital during the time of Ramses II. See what their agricultural road, Bubastis is like as you pass through it. It is said that the cat was once a god in this place. You will be able to visit the ruins located in Tanis and then have a sumptuous meals at the grand Suez Canal, where the east waters meet the west waters.

Experiencing the off the beaten paths in Egypt to see a whole new perspective of the place and experience new things. These may take extra dollars from your original budget, but all is worth these extras. Just make sure to keep a memory of your wonderful trip. Bring a camera with you, and enjoy your trip. 

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