Get to Enjoy the Valley of the Queens

Touring Egypt is a wonderful journey that any person can certainly appreciate. With the quite a few sights in this country really there is no end to the possibilities. In touring to the ancient city of Thebes, now recognized as Luxor, visitors will really appreciate the sights and learning here. Incorporated in the sights in this city are the Karnak and Luxor Temple, the Hatshepsut’s Temple and the Valley of the Kings and Queens.


When the burying the pharaohs in rock cut tombs were applied in the middle kingdom, burying the consorts, children and royal service men also followed suit. The region was later on on known as Ta-Set-Neferu which means the Place of the Children of the King. This move was adapted to defend the tombs from usual robbery and looting of the tombs. It is still filled with centerpieces as well as expensive artifacts considered to aid the departed in their afterlife. Moreover having a necropolis that is in fact nearby the current capital will help secure the area from possible robbers.


Just like the Valley of the Kings this place is situated in the western bank of Luxor, Egypt. An area recognized as El Deir El Bahari, were vast plains and valleys stuffed the landscape. This place is nearby the historical capital which is the current day Luxor. Guarded and secured, this area is also isolated from other kinds of calamities such as the yearly Nile flooding.


There are many famous royals and rulers were buried in this necropolis including daughters (princesses) of the potent pharaoh Ramesses II, which includes his preferred wife Nefertari. There are numerous other areas that should be visited when in Luxor. One of the best ways to also appreciate this city is by a cruise from Luxor to other places in southern Egypt. Today constant studies and excavations is being accomplished in the Valley of the Queens.




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