Rediscovering the Pyramids of Giza

Synonymous to any tours to Egypt is a tour of thewell-known Giza Pyramids in Cairo. Suffice to say that touring to ancient country of Egypt is never complete without visiting its most renowned monument. The Pyramids of Giza is a frequent wonder to both the historic and the modern day world.


These seven wonders of the ancient world is based mostly on the historic guidebooks of the visitors during the Hellenic period (1st and 2nd century BC). Among the historical wonders the pyramids in Giza is the most ancient yet it is the only remaining of all seven. The three large monuments contain a shroud of mysteriousness and grandness that many are awed at the site.


The Pyramids Tour is one of the most famed parts of Egypt Tours since tourists will be taken around the 3 pyramids as well as the extra structures surrounding it. Because of the pyramids magnificent size and beauty, modern tradition is also interested in it. In fact there are several movies that included the Pyramids of Giza as a symbol of greatness.


The Pyramids consists of 3 namely:


The Pyramid of Mykerinus which is the smallest and has 3 smaller satellite pyramids.


The Pyramid of Khafre or famously regarded as Chephren .


The Pyramid of Cheops which is the largest pyramid in the whole place.


These pyramids are burial grounds for the respective pharaohs who died during the Early Kingdom. Unfortunately way before succeeding pharaohs were able to start protecting the si

storedte, looters and robbers already stripped the pyramids off the treasures that were stored in them.


Today when joining atour to see the pyramids you will also be going to satellite monuments surrounding the area. The Great Sphinx is the monolithicmonument of a pharaoh’s head and a lion’s body. To this day there are no conclusions on which pharaoh this monumentsignifys. Along this are other structures like the Valley Temple where it is was identified to be used as a worship area.





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