Top 3 Nile Cruise Destinations

Joining a Jaz Jubilee Nile Cruiser can be one of the most fascinating adventures that you can have . Because most of the top sites in Egypt are found along the path  of the River Nile , you will absolutely not miss anything. On top of that you are provided the comfort and relaxation that a first class vessel can offer .


All Nile cruises may range in size, amenities and facilities services but one thing’s  for sure most of them travelalongside the identical way in the Nile. For example you can anticipate the best amenities and services at the MS Mojito Nile Cruiser you know that you can get the right offers from this visit. The Nile river has long been the center of advancement both in modern and old Egypt. It is no question that most of the building remains and survivingpoints of interest are the usual stopovers of theship. Most cruises offer guided visits to these areas giving you in depth knowledge about every spot.


Whenever examining with your travel operator which River Nile is best for you to take make sure to ask the top 3 location stops to guarantee that you get the most out of your travel.


Like the Ms Monaco Nile River Ship , the normalfirst stop is the special twin temple of the gods Sobek and Haeroris . Deemed to be one of the most unique temples in the world, the temple features two of everything. It is devoted to two gods known to have been patron of the location during the historical times. Sobek the crocodile headed god of fertility and Haeroris the falcon headed god. To this day visitors will be able to see avast collection of mummified crocodiles that are known to have basked in this area in the old days.


Another thing that you should not forget to mention is the Edfu Temple dedicated to Horus . This temple is popular since it is the finest preserved temple in Egypt. It is as well the second largest next to Karnak Temple Complex. The temple contains vast relief of the ancient god written in hieroglyphics.


Lastly inquire about the optional excursion to the Abu Simbel Temple. Most cruise offers this as an additional tour only since the cruise itself is not permitted to go as far as Abu Simbel. This area is a UNESCO Heritage Site , rescued from the rising waters of Aswan.


There are many things to learn in Egypt and the finest that you can do is inquire extensively so you get the most out of your journey.  

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