Attractions You will Find While Cruising Nile

Found in the southernmost part of modern Egypt is the beautiful city of Aswan . It is near the famed Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser (the world’s largest man made lake). It is also a short journey by air or water to the equally famous Abu SimbelMemorial which was relocated in a massive international undertaking in order to save it from the flooding created by the construction of the dam. Clearly the area is a fascinating one, and is only part of the reasoning behind the numerous Aswan Nile cruises that depart from the city each day.

Where to Start

Many people begin their Aswan Nile cruises after a few days in Cairo, Egypt. The many famous locations in Egypt are traveled by visitors in a traditional way, and itsenvirons, before flying south to Aswan or Abu Simbel.

So why do you think you have to visit Simbel and not go straight to Aswan?Depending upon which cruise has been selected, some cruises include a visit to the Abu Simbel monument and then a cruise across Lake Nasser that ends in Aswan.  Once they arrive there, the travelers go around the city and see the famous sites and monuments. This is done before they board their cruise ship to travel north to Luxor. What’s listed here are the ones that are part of the Nile cruises category; although you may choose selections that has minimal cost. 

The Long or Short Versions

Clearly Aswan Nile cruises offer an amazing range of itineraries and lengths . Some Nile cruises are a fast, three day trip between Aswan and Luxor, with short stops at notable temples and an entire day in each city . Others are far more comprehensive, taking in the Lake Nasser sights, Abu Simbel, Aswan and the many smaller and lesser-known stops on the journey northward.If you are wondering what is the difference between short and long visits, its actually the time spent on the tour and people who will accompany you. The longer Nile cruises have a more detailed visit to the place and there is an expert guide that will guide them to the tour.

It is important for a traveler to itemize their wishes before selecting from the many Aswan Nile cruises, for there might be areas that will not permit them entrance to the site  . To further illustrate, some of the Aswan Nile cruises visit Esna or the Temple of Kom Ombo, so it is best to check the itinerary you are going to choose to make sure it includes the locations that you are interested in. Additionally, it is important for a visitor to understand that there are some luxury Nile cruises that include a water journey stretching from as far as Abu Simbel.

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