Ways to Travel to Egypt in Eight Days

A travel to Egypt will make you remember the best things that it has to offer for the rest of your life. Not only will you be met and assisted by the most competent and hospitable people, but you will be assisted all through out your tour. You will never regret a travel to Egypt.


Egypt offers a wide variety of tours that you can choose from. Depending on what you like, you can even make your own tour. You will customize your tour according to your budget and of course, the time that you want or are allowed to have your tour. There are long trips that can last up to twelve days, but there are also trips that can be done only in eight days, but these will nevertheless, would not miss out on anything that you have to see and experience when you travel to Egypt.


You will be assisted from the Cairo International Airport to your hotel and be relaxed so that you will be able to prepare for the next day. Be sure that you have read some basic Egypt Travel Information for your convenience. The next day, you will visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum. You will then head to Aswan via a sleeper train. The next day, you will be able to experience having lunch and dinner while cruising along the Nile River. Then go on sightseeing to the Aswan High Dam, the old quarries and other temples that can be found in Aswan. After Aswan, you will be able to travel and experience Luxor and the temples that the city is proud of, not to mention the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Before going home, you will be traveling back to Cairo and maybe watch for the night show of the pyramids of Giza, where these seem to come to life.


The eight day stay in Egypt will definitely be jammed packed with all the information, culture and history that you will take home with you; not to mention all the accommodation, the memorabilia, the food and the beverages that Egyptians are really proud of. You will also get to know the major cities when you scan your Egypt Travel Guides. But sometimes it is also nice to be surprised.

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