Mauritius – The Beaches of Choice.

Mauritius is the destination of choice for many when it comes to simply soak up the sun on beaches of absolute perfection engaging in numerous activities of every kind including but not limited to, big game fishing, scuba diving qualifying courses, eco friendly, enjoying the local dishes on offer and shopping facilities which are outstanding and offer bargains galore.

It is renowned as a high end sun and beach resort destination, and any luxury Holiday in Mauritius will inevitably focus on the beaches. 

They remain the islands most famous draw, seemingly endless stretches of hot sand and perfect crystal lagoons make the ideal environment and very attractive one for those traveling with young children.  

There are cottages, apartments and the  Mauritius Villa  format widely available to rent, for those that prefer value for money and a home away from home.

Mauritius holiday Villas are generally first class and if you enjoy the freedom to spend all your time relaxing in the perfect sunshine on the beach then this is certainly a good option.

So which are the nicest Beaches to visit?

These are just some of our ideas and opinions:

Ile aux Cerfs: For a totally amazing experience away from the crowds, take a small boat over to Cerfs, a glorious island just off the eastern coast of Mauritius.

The Ile aux Cerf beach runs round virtually the whole coastline, and the little beaches supply a stunning ambience and offer the faultless place to unwind.

You can take a boat to the island from Pointe Maurice, and when you are on holiday in Mauritius the Island is well worth paying a visit to.

Trou aux Biches: Located on the islands hustling popular north western coast is the ideal region for a family vacation in Mauritius.

The picturesque resort is enhanced by the local attractions and the topnotch marine museum and Hindu temple are popular sites to visitwith your family.

Of course the equally glorious sunset provides the perfect ending to a day passedtanning on the sands drinking a cocktail.

Pereybere: The exquisite clean crystallagoon at Pereybere beach make it possibly the best beach for swimming and snorkelling on the island, and the smooth surf make it ideal for families.

It is also fashionable with young people on holiday in Mauritius and has a reputation as a party beach, so those seeking only serenity and tranquility could find it too noisy at times here.

But for the world-class snorkelling, swimming and a pulsating atmosphere, it is difficult to improve on Pereybere.

Flic en Flac: Visit this really fantastic beach on the west coast of Mauritius, and you shall have the experience one of the nicest sunsets on the island.

This brilliant beach is picture perfect, with superfine sand and a deep blue lagoon and the recent evolution of apartments and condominiums mean that it is relatively cheap and remains one of the most beautiful beaches anyplace on the planet.

There are virtually more beaches in Mauritius than other continents combined on this paradise island, so to really enjoy your Mauritius self catering villa  find a beach just right for you and just unwind.

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