Euro Air Closures Affect Kenya’s Stumbling Flower Sector

The earlier closedown of Europe’s airports due to the Iceland volcanic  explosion  caused terror in Kenya’s flower businesses  which created staggering losses.

The eruption  created planetary travel consequences and local travel chaos after travel agencies cancelled flights in Europe.

Kenya’s flower industry usually peaks in May as western countries go into late spring & summer months.

In those important months many  holidays help to create customers  for local and international flowers. An increasing sum of people order discount flowers which has created a new and different pressure for the market.

New crises  came at the worst time according to the Kenyan Flower Council which states that the nation lost over 3000 tons of products from the latest  air    closures  .

 Numerous  planes that were at the Kenyan airport  at  the time of the chaos  were forced to fly around the incident adding hundreds of miles. A company  with a plane in Kenya had to hold up enlargement plans by weeks because its new aircraft was forced to fly around the incident    postponing  their plans  .

There have been numerous  complaints that the European Air Safety Council had acted without proper cause  . The economic impact is yet to be total, but preliminary  estimates are in the hundreds of billions (US$) when all affected sectors  are included in the total.

British Airways CEO Willie Walsh stated that the  that the European Air Safety Council made “a gross overreaction to a very minor risk.”

These newest issues  for the Kenyan flower industry  is in the wake of a 33% slip  in the industry  in 2009.

Many of these problems stem from a 30% downturn in orders from Europe in the wake of the Global Recession. Their drop in orders is most straightaway akin  to layoffs and hiring freezes in Europe, their main customers .

meantime, countries such as Columbia have been more than amenable to drop  their flowers to  Europe in the wake of the tumble of the US flower market adding even more pressure to Kenya’s flower  marketplace  .

Also putting pressure on the worldwide  flower sector  is an increasing amount of buyers looking for discount flowers. Many of these buyers want top  quality products for prices currently attached with cheap flowers.

Workers will largely feel  of these downturns with large layoffs planned for many of the huge  flower growers, buyers, exporters, and related industries. Some of these businesses  are also looking at marketing cheap discount flowers to diversify their sales.

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