Holidays to Malia… The Greek Pearl Crete, A Fantastic Place To Stay!

Malia is known as a city in Crete that has quite a reputation. If you are in for a party, then Malia is the place to visit. The best holidays in Malia tend to be an experience by itself that you will never forget. Because let us be honest, the beach locations in Malia happen to be the best of the isle of Crete. Great yellow sand stretches that only fade at the horizon. The beaches are all established with sunbathing stretchers to help you get the sun tan you have been looking for. Or, for those who had some sort of rough party night, they’re just perfect to sleep off your party “fatigue.”

Those of you that survived the nights of Malia, there is lots of water recreation available: you’ll be able to hire a jet-ski or boat and sail the deep blue ocean. The bottom line is: Holidays in Malia are usually the finest summer breaks you can imagine.

For those who leave the beach in the late afternoon, there is a lot of pubs and dining places to choose from. And if you wish to eat a little something while on the beach, there is countless snack bars that satisfy that need. However, in the evenings, your opportunities are literally endless. You can actually eat Mexican, Dutch, Indian and Chinese food or simply order a hamburger menu.

Immediately after you’ve filled your stomach with some Malia food, it is time to hit the nightlife. Malia is crammed with Greek cafes, English as well as Irish pubs and night clubs that could keep you busy till the early morning hours (when it’s time to hit the beach again).

On the other hand, Malia isn’t just a place to see because of its legendary and wild nightlife. Malia is also known as a historic place and you will undoubtedly taste the flavor of traditional Greece on this specific part of the isle. And any time you rent a car in Malia, you are going to be able to visit many traditional locations on the isle of Crete together with your friends or family. 
And let’s not ignore an important fact regarding Holidays in Malia: Malia is a really cheap place to go on a holiday. Whether or not you rent an apartment, book a hotel or choose a studio for your vacation, the locations are all really reasonably priced. 

Whenever you are ready to go on a vacation, start checking out some holidays to Malia. It is time to get going! Cheap Holidays to Malia can be found at


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