Four Things You Could Do to Spoil Your Trip to Italy

Are you headed to Italy?  There are several things you need to be aware of that can ruin your trip.  You’re probably only going over there once, so work hard to get it right.

1) Don’t stay in the incorrect hotel

Yes, there are many wrong hotels.  It’s not just about price.  First, you should decide what level of quality you are comfortable paying for.  Then, you need to  figure out whether the transportation cost exceeds the savings.   You can stay away from the city for less money, or even in a less convenient place, but then you will have to pay for transportation. Some people book hotels with intentions of riding public transportation, but then they end up taking cabs.   The cost of the transportation plus your low-cost hotel room can exceed the more expensive hotels in the better locations.  This can be peculiarly true when the convenience factor is figured in.  Don’t forget, you are going on vacation.  If the hotel is too out of the way  , it can spoil your vacation.

2) Don’t eat at the wrong restaurants

Tourists are noted for eating at the worst  restaurants.  Think about it like this… when you go home, you should always remember the food.  Make sure you don’t get your recommendations from a local who is going to make money from having done so.  That puts them in a conflict of interest position.  Use a restaurant or travel guide to pick the best places.  One of the major differences between the food in the USA and in Italy is that it tends to be much more fresh in Italy.  This means that you should look for smaller restaurants (definitely not chains) that buy their food from local markets.  Believe me, you will be glad you did when you taste hours-old tomatoes or fresh melon with parma ham.  

3) Don’t leave your guide behind

Make sure you take a tour.  Particularly of the Vatican.  Many visitors think they can navigate Rome and the Vatican without paying for a tour.  If you try that, your vacation will be, at best, a 6 on a scale of 10.  To get to 10, you have to follow all the advice in this article and, most importantly, take a Vatican Tour.  We also recommend you take a tour of Rome during the day and at night.  Both are  exceptional  .

4) Don’t waste too much time waiting in lines

Europe is famous for its lines.  If you attempt to just wander up to the monuments and museums at any random time,  you will waste 25% of your vacation waiting in line.  Get an Italy Guide to figure out where and when to go to avoid the lines.  Also, if you take the Vatican walking tour we recommend, you can skip the lines for the Vatican museums.

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