Mauritius – We Invite You to the Wedding

The sub tropical Island of Mauritius is now recognised as the most unique and delightful countries to  get married as well of course for all those already married and who wish to visit as tourists for their honeymoon.

The local weather is tropical and lovely nearly all year and you can enjoy various fantastic activities together before and after your marriage ceremony.

There are so many things to do and see in Mauritius such as boat trips, jaunts and fishing for the local catch to experience together or if you like a more slow-moving life-style you may simply relax on the beach all day in front of your Mauritius holiday villa

Over the years and with a much more rapidly emergent tourism industry it has become possible and certainly far more accessible to fly to Mauritius to get married on the island as opposed to just flying out just for the honeymoon.

There are many advantages to this as Mauritius is known as a a peaceful, superb island and its mixed population warm, kind and welcoming. 

By law, you may need witnesses in attendance at the marriage and the event would just not be the same without your close relations and friends present.

Remember that all your guests whether close family or friends must be flown to the island and in many cases you will have to pay for all or at least some of their expenses as well as your own.

If you are intending for several family and friends to fly over to be present on your special occasion at your wedding then the only reasonable and cost effective option is to book private accommodation and not one of the ridiculously priced hotel resort chains.

There is a extensive and diverse selection of inexpensive Mauritius self catering villas or as the locals say location villa ile Maurice to rent at excellent prices. 

The cost involved in holding your actual wedding ceremony in Mauritius island does vary depending on the venue and number of persons attending the event and your family and friends will no doubt want to experience the magical beaches and other sites while they are on the island.

Many couples love the island scenery, so a Mauritian wedding and honeymoon shall be perfect for you.

This absolutely unique and once in a lifetime experience is going to be even further enhanced with the legendary beaches and lagoons and this occasion will be something that nobody attending is probably going to forget.

Your wedding and reception party in Mauritius will be a very unforgettable event for you, your loved ones and all your attending friends.

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