Things to Know about the Luxor Temple

When enjoying Egypt tours, one of the bestlocations that should never be missed is the ancient city of Thebes now famously known as Luxor. Here you will be able to witness a lot of sights as well as world class amenities that will absolutely make your tour to this area memorable. The Luxor Temple is one of the sights that shouldn’t be missed when in Luxor.

It isconstructed around 1400 BC, famed as Ipet Resyt or the southern sanctuary in Egyptian language. This temple was constructed to honor the triad gods Amun, Chons and Mut known patrons of the land. Within the temple are regarded relics and relief that will leave any spectator captivated.

This temple was built by the powerful Amenophis III, upon the foundations that was constructed by the lady pharaoh Hatshepsut. These first buildings are still visible for visitors to this day. Including the chapels in the back end of complex built by the exact same queen.

The complex is made with a colonnaded main part also built by Amenophis III. The colonnades include 14 columns consisting of capitals made with papyrus materials standing about 18 meters tall and 10 meters in circumference. It is covered with designs of the Festival of Opet.

Within the temple complex visitors will also get a chance to see the courtyards, hypostyle halls again graced with some 32 gigantic columns. There tourists will also enjoy viewing the four antechambers and ancillary rooms. Moreover the other areas are open for tourists like the Sacred Barque a room reconstructed by Alexander the Great.

 The temple of Luxor is a location of great and well-known festivals famous during the historic times and commemorated to this day. The most renowned among these festivals is the festival of Opet where the rebirth of a pharaoh, regarded as as the son of Amun is being celebrated.



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