Get Over Being Dumped – 7 Heartily Given Advices To Effectively Cope Up After Being Dumped

When you dearly want to get over being dumped, it’s going to be tough and emotionally challenging.Surely, you will have a hard time dealing with your emotions so you better get ready. I know and believe that it’s too hard to forget all the pains and the hardest is to face the reality that the relationship is over and he actually left you.You feel like you cannot take anymore and all you want to do is to linger on the feeling and cry over it. But, if dwelling on the pain is what you want, then how can you move on?

Learn The Tips on How to Get Over Being Dumped

I actually understand what you are going through right now, but do not stop moving forward or else you will suffer more. When he said I LOVE YOU before, do not take it as a lie, he really loved you straight from his heart. It is a normal response to cry and to feel hurt, but it is not normal when you keep on dwelling on things that caused you pain; it is best to move on and find better reasons why it happened.

It may sounds so crazy for you to hear negative experiences from people suffering from being dumped by their partner, but this article will tell you that there can be better reasons why it happened.Let’s be positive here in dealing with break up.It’s your choice to be positive! Believe me, it will happen!

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 1: Forget about it!

When you enter into a relationship, at some point you will realize the fact that under unavoidable  circumstances, your relationship will end. So when it happens, of course, it will hurt you. This time, you have to be matured, confident and responsible in dealing with the situation. Forgetting is one way of being mature and responsible; you need to forget all the things that hurt and even those sweet memories you once shared. Remove any connection from him and avoid any contact from that person. You need to keep in mind that it’s over so there’s no point of connecting with him. You have to accept the truth that you and him are over and anything you both established has just ended. Forgetting means you need to divert your attention and engage in productive and useful activities. When you are able to accept the truth, the faster you are to move on; but if you keep on dwelling on the past and linger on the same feelings over and over again, the harder it is for you to move.  Now, life has always been a choice so choose what path you will take: to stop or continue moving forward?  Make the right choice!

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 2:  Your family and friends 

Your family will always be there for you. Even on your worst times, they will be there. They are always ready to lend an ear to listen to what you feel and give you a sweet embrace when you cry. Your true friends are also essential on this kind of situation. They will always be your confidant. I hope you have not taken them for granted when you were so much busy in love before. Always have time for your friends and treasure them for life because they will not leave you on your side. 

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 3: Be socially active

This is one way to avoid thinking of the painful past. You try to actively attend social gatherings with friends, go out for a gym, attend cooking classes, and volunteer on an active organization.   When you know how to interact with others, moving on will be easy for you.

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 4: It’s time to love yourself  

When you get dumped, you sometimes forget yourself.  With what happened, you feel you are the reason why he dumped you and so you feel you don’t deserve to be happy. Blaming is not part of moving on; what you have to do is to give yourself a chance to be happy again by opening your heart to someone new.

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 5: Take time to laugh 

There are times when you were still in a relationship; you were serious about things and on how to maintain what you have established.When you get dumped, you feel the world is not good to you at all, but when you will have the best laugh with your family and friends, it’s enough for you to feel relief.

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 6: Forgive

When you know that you are 100% ready to move on, forgiveness is always the most significant part because it gives you presence of mind, love and happiness. Forgiveness allows you to have clean heart and total happiness.

 Get Over Being Dumped Step 7: It’s time to move on

If you are ready, then you have the AIM, an aim for the future, what you want in your life and what you want to do to be productive. Don’t worry being single, with your new changed aura, you will be attractive!


Time heals all wounds.There is time for everything; a time to smile and a time to cry. Just like in break-up, you had the time to spend over many days crying but at the end, you see what’s beyond break-up – more smiles, more treasures, more blessings, more time for friends, and more time to reach the goal. So for the heartbroken people out there, you have to realize that there is more life after being dumped! You just have to keep forever the faith and you will see.

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