Great Tips For Those Who Want To Avoid Jet Lag

A lot of people find that it is very hard to handle jet lag and the first day of their trip can be really ruined because of it. It would make sense therefore that if you are going on a long haul flight, that you would want to avoid jet lag if at all possible. If you want to know how you can avoid bad jet lag, then the tips below should help.


– It is a good idea to change the time on your watch to the time at the destination before you start travelling. You will find it much easier to cope with this time change if you have had some time to get used to it before you land.


– Try and get into the sleeping and eating routine for your intended destination even before you land. Try and catch a nap on the plane if it is night time in your destination; do this even if your time is during the day. It is the same for food; try and eat breakfast if it is breakfast over there. This will make it easier for your brain to cope with the transition.


– Be sure to drink a lot of water on the plane and stay away from alcohol if you can. Jet lag can be much harder to cope with if you are also suffering from a hangover and dehydration. You need to remember that although alcohol is a liquid it is also a diuretic; this means that it makes you go to the toilet a lot. Coffee has the same problem.


– Practice meditation; even twenty minutes of this can leave you feeling refreshed and better able to handle the new time zone.


– Try not to be stressed during your flight. Take some entertainment with you that will relax you and make sure that you wear comfortable clothing.


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